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We believe in sustainability. Our efforts in this area confirm what we have been doing for almost half a century: greening the operations of our customers by providing air filtration products with the lowest energy consumption and life cycle costs while improving the environment, human health and productivity. We are proud that no other air filtration manufacturer has yet to achieve a track record like ours in sustainability.
This is the video for the hemipleat pulse for the Gold Series Collectors.
Many processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries produce high concentrations of hazardous dusts. Cleanable filter systems make it possible to have continuous manufacturing processes and prevent regular, expensive filter replacements. The Quad Pulse Package (QPP) cleans filters in four segments, one at a time so that they are continually cleaned without interrupting airflow. And the QPP is now available with two filter cartridges for higher air volumes. It Its compact design features easy installation, bag-in/bag-out process for the primary/secondary filters and discharge bin. Both units are explosion pressure shock resistant without the need for additional protection systems.
Flexible. Powerful. Introducing the EM-O Compact, the best combined coolant/oil collector of its class.
Happy Thanksgiving from Camfil!
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Camfil Air Pollution Control New Gold Series 2018